Un Proyecto de Andreu Balius + Alex Trochut + Flan + Inklude

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¶ SuperTipo Veloz was created by Joan Trochut (1920-1980) and produced in 1942 by Fundición Tipografica Iranzo in Barcelona (Spain). It was a collection of combining figures that featured itself as an extraordinary type modular system.

¶ Versatility of this system allowed printers develope their ideas —create logotypes, letterheads, characters, illustrations— without the normal constraints when working with pieces of lead type, and according their little budgets.

¶ In 2004, Andreu Balius and Alex Trochut —grandson of the creator of this modular system— designed a digital version of Super-Veloz for Typerepublic type foundry, taking into account the original material of Joan Trochut.

¶ On occasion of D'après exhibition (Valencia, january 2005), Inklude studio developed Robotype, a type compositor that allows playing with letters as graphic elements. In that exhibition, SuperVeloz and Robotype got to know each other —somehow a join venture— and Andreu Balius proposed to design an on-line type tool from the digital new version of SuperVeloz.

¶ In 2006, the project is finished.It counts on the development of IC Shaper by Flan, that allows users play with SuperVeloz modular system and create illustrations and lettering on-line.


Project development: Andreu Balius . Alex Trochut . Flan . Inklude
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